We offer start-ups and established business owners loans at attractive interest rates to open up doors of opportunity and we also host a financial forum where you will gain insights and grow your business network.

  • What you get

    Benefits of this account
    • Unsecured LPO Financing of up to KES 12M
    • Unsecured Invoice Discounting of up to KES 50M
    • Unsecured Bid Bonds of up to KES 6M
    • Unsecured loans of KES 6M with up to 60 months repayment period
    • Secured loans of up to 10 years repayment period
    • Choose between variable or fixed interest rate - we give you a choice of three interest rate types to suit your business
    • Flexible repayment options with a choice of principal and interest or interest only are available
    Requirements for this account
    • The business must be in existence for 3 years and above
    • The minimum facility amount is KES100,000.
  • Documents required

    Limited companies
    • Certificate of incorporation or certificate of compliance if not locally incorporated
    • Memorandum and articles of association/CR8, CR12
    • Company PIN certificate
    • National identification card (for Kenyan citizens)/Passport (for foreigners) for all directors (plus ultimate beneficiary owners if company is owned by other companies) and signatories/known agents
    • 1 passport-size photo each for all the signatories and directors/known agents
    • Board resolution specifying the signing powers on the company letter head sealed with the company seal
    • Signed Absa account opening pack (sealed )
    • Residential address confirmation (name estate, road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)
    • Company physical address confirmation (can be found in the new PIN certificates)
    • Annual returns (for companies registered over one year ago)
    • Revenue stamp – KES100
    Sole proprietors
    • Certificate of registration
    • National identification card (for Kenyan citizens) / Passport (Non Kenyans) 1 passport size photo
    • KRA PIN
    • Signed Absa account opening pack ( sealed )
    • Residential address confirmation ( name estate, road and house number) for all directors and signatories (use the attached format)
    • Company physical address confirmation
    • Personal return
    • Revenue stamp – KES100

The Wezesha Stock finance solution serves as a facilitator for a secure, user-friendly, and swift digital platform that caters to Absa Bank's corporate ecosystem. This platform is designed to provide distributors and retailers with convenient access to financing for both stock and working capital.

  • Who Wezesha Stock is for


    Wezesha Stock is designed to provide short-term working capital solutions for retailers and dealers in various sectors, including:


    • Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

    • Agrochemicals/Agrovets

    • Oil and marketing companies 

    • Millers

    • Building and construction manufacturers



  • Key benefits

    • Convenient access to short-term working capital for distributors/retailers

    • Improved management of trading relationships between FMCG and the distribution network

    • Assurance of definite receivable days for FMCG, facilitating proper planning

    • Reduction of payment risk through upfront payment to FMCG/distributors 

    • Improved balance sheet position with upfront payment against orders

    • Facilitation of product growth in targeted geographical segments, leading to increased sales through the distributor network

  • Why Choose Absa Wezesha Stock

    • Working capital optimisation, bridging the liquidity gap between inventory purchase and customer payments

    • Flexibility to accept extended payment terms from key off-takers 

    • Increased credit for distributors/retailers, especially those with limited credit availability from traditional banking sources

    • Negotiation for discounts with manufacturers, improving gross profit and the bottom line 

    • No prior history with the bank required for new-to-bank distributors/retailers to access funding

    • Reliable with low downtime 

    • Real-time ordering and payment platform

    • Prequalified retailers can join the program, whether Absa-banked or not 

    • Credit availed to the retailer is directly captured against the FMCG/distributor’s books, limiting the bank's risk exposure

    • Zero cash handling risks, addressing theft by salespersons 

    • Superior customer value proposition (CVP)

  • How to get Wezesha Stock

    Register using the link: https://wezesha.agiza.io/register.

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