Compare the options and decide whether buying, leasing or renting is going to suit your business best.


How it works:

What you get:

Income tax benefits

VAT benefits

Accounting benefits

Flexi Buy

You repay capital plus interest over the agreed term.

The asset becomes yours once it’s paid off.

  • You can deduct the interest cost as well as wear and tear.
  • The seller charges the full VAT on the cost price, including interest.
  • As the buyer, you are able to claim the full VAT portion.
  • The asset is recorded as an ‘on-balance-sheet’ item.
  • Outstanding debt is shown as a liability.
  • You can deduct depreciation and interest costs.

Flexi Lease

You structure payments to suit your financial needs.

You can finance your business most efficiently.

  • You don’t need to pay VAT upfront – only on each rental when it is due.
  • Rentals are tax deductible.

Flexi Rent

You rent the asset for an agreed term and make regular payments that include proportions of capital, interest and VAT residual value.

You have full use of the asset for the agreed term.

  • You deduct the lease rentals.
  • The lessor charges VAT on each rental amount.
  • The lessee can claim VAT input where the asset allows.
  • The asset is recorded as an ‘off-balance-sheet’ item*.
  • Outstanding debt is shown as a note.
  • You deduct rentals as an operating expense.

*subject to independent auditor approval

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