We take your security seriously and that is why we have a number of systems and security protocols in place to guard you while you do internet banking, and to make sure you are safe from identity theft or any other online threats. That way no matter where or when you logon, you know you are protected.

  • Absa online security

    Absa’s internet banking is built using state-of-the-art technologies that provide a high degree of security. The security infrastructure comprises a firewall, intrusion detection systems (IDS), virus monitoring tools and many more. The security requirements have been implemented and audited by an international consulting firm, using internationally accepted standards and practices. Internet banking uses 128-bit digital certificate for encryption of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) session. SSL is the industry standard for encrypted communication and ensures that customers' interaction with the bank over the internet is secure. Besides technological solutions, security is also built into the login process. Internet banking enforces the use of a minimum 8-character password including alphanumeric plus special. We also use secret question and answer to protect your online banking details.

  • Data encryption

    Our internet banking service is hosted on a secure 128-bit encrypted server. This means that any information you send us is encoded for your protection. 

  • Secure code

    Secure Code is a feature that helps us to identify that it is really you making the transactions. It is a unique code that will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS.

  • One time passwords (OTP)

    When creating a new beneficiary, doing one-time transfers, or other kinds of sensitive transactions, a special one-time password (OTP), will be sent to your mobile phone. You must type this into the indicated field for verification. These codes can only be used once, and dramatically decrease the risk of being defrauded.

  • Timed logout

    Internet banking logs you out if you are inactive for 5 minutes. This gives you added protection if you forget to log yourself out.

  • Three password failures resulting in account suspension lock

    If the incorrect PIN or password is entered three times consecutively, the internet banking service will be temporarily suspended or locked and you will have to visit your preferred branch or call our Contact Centre on +254 (20) 3900000.

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