We provide you with much more than specialised mercantile products and services. We do what it takes to be more relevant to you and we create innovative answers that contribute to making you great at what you do. No matter what business you’re in, we offer you private enterprise solutions that are essential to your needs.


An account that caters for faith-based organisations providing robust operations and transactional services to suit modern-day religious institutions.

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A business banking account tailor made for non-profit organisations. It's supported by our countrywide presence and relationship teams.

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A business banking account that speaks to the needs of the legal industry through impressive call and sweeping arrangements that cater for cash-flow dynamics.

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Access to specialists that understand your exact banking needs and connect them with the right products.

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Term Deposit

Have your money earn interest for you at competitive rates with a guaranteed return as long as you don't make any withdrawals.

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An account well suited for the education sector with diverse payment and collection solutions to serve the modern-day learning institution.

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Foreign Currency

Absa offers competitive pricing for your hard-earned foreign currency by giving you access to competitive deposit rates and treasury products.

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