17 March 2011

In a move aimed to offer customers more convenience and inclusive banking services, Barclays Bank of Kenya (Barclays Kenya) has waived levies charged for use of the Bank’s automated teller machines (ATMs). Retail customers can now carry out free transactions, including cash withdrawals and balance enquiries, at any of the Bank’s 236 ATMs countrywide.

The no-charge ATM services compliment Barclays free internet banking services and free mobile banking platform, Hello Money.

"The introduction of free banking channels is another bold move by Barclays towards aligning our products and services with evolving customer needs and lifestyles," said Mr. Adan Mohamed, Barclays Managing Director East and West Africa.

"In addition to bringing affordable banking services to more customers, our new free services -- ATMs, Internet and Hello Money -- is a significant step that strengthens Barclays customer value proposition, and reinforces our commitment to making our customers lives much easier," he said.

To facilitate greater ease of transactions, over the past two years Barclays has made several investments in the Bank’s information technology and communications structure in Kenya, including upgrading the credit card system and transitioning to a state-of-the-art IT platform.

"Banks must continually access the points at which they serve customers. Increasingly, technology is playing a pivotal role in helping banks serve more customers more efficiently," added Mr. Mohamed.

About Barclays Bank of Kenya:
Founded in Kenya in 1916, Barclays is the leading financial services provider in the country, serving customers at 119 outlets, 12 Sales Centres and 236 ATMs. The Bank’s performance and leadership position was recognized during the year with several industry and business awards. These include: Best Bank in Kenya; Best Commercial Bank; and Company of the Year (COYA) – First Runner Up.