01 August 2011

Barclays Bank of Kenya (Barclays Bank) employees across the country are skipping their lunch, to raise funds to help feed the millions of people starving on account of the persistent drought that has plagued the country.

Comments on Barclays Kenya half year financial performance by Mr. Adan Mohamed, Regional Managing Director – Barclays East and West Africa:

Through an initiative dubbed PEAH (Partnership & Empowerment Against Hunger), the Bank’s employees will donate the amount that they would have used for lunch to help address the drought. In turn, Barclays will match the funds raised.

Ms. Nuru Mugambi, Head of Corporate Affairs, said PEAH is an employee-driven drought campaign. "Barclays has committed to match, shilling for shilling, funds raised by employees for the ongoing drought appeal. The Bank in February contributed Ksh12 million to the Red Cross but unfortunately the drought situation has persisted. We therefore are trying our best to raise as much money within the Bank as well as through the support of our customers and well wishers."

Under Barclays PEAH scheme, employee teams can raise up to £3,000.00 (approximately Ksh440,000.00) which will be matched 100 per cent by the bank. Individual employees can raise up to £750 (approximately Ksh111,000.00).

Customers and well wishers are encouraged to visit their local Barclays branch to see how they can get involved in the campaign.

Mugambi said that funds raised through this initiative will be used to support both immediate and long term needs of the affected communities.

"As a responsible corporate citizen, we are concerned that there are many Kenyans that are currently starving. We also are very sensitive to the fact that we continue to address the impact versus the cause of drought and other challenges we face due to climate change."

"We therefore are not only raising funds for food and water, but also are working with the Red Cross to identify sustainable programmes we can fund," she said. "We ultimately need to break this cycle…which is why we say that we are seeking to 'Epuka Njaa Milele' through this Barclays PEAH initiative."

The Bank’s employees have come up with different activities to ensure that they raise money. They are selling handkerchiefs in branches, and holding fundraising walks, among various other activities.