Send money for as little as KES30.


Your beneficiary receives the funds within minutes.


Just visit the nearest branch with your government-issued ID.

  • How it works

    • Sending transaction (customer)
      • You only need a valid Absa bank account and your government-issued photo ID.
      • Give us details of your intended beneficiary.
      • We will debit your account and remit the funds within minutes.
      • Advise your beneficiary of the payment reference.
    • Receiving (walk-in customer, or existing account holder)
      • You only need your government-issued ID and payment reference.
      • We only need a few minutes to validate your payment.
      • Please tell us how you would like to access funds. We can bank the funds in your account.
      • If you do not have an account with us, our account opening is instant.
  • Some of the benefits

    • Your money is safe and guaranteed to reach your beneficiary.
    • There is no need to receive remittances in cash.
    • You can monitor spending with statements if the funds received are banked.
    • Access to 24-hour customer care support.
    • Only need valid ID and transaction reference to receive cash.
    • Costs only a fraction of what conventional remittances cost.
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